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counter strike
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free game cs 1.6

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Strike 1.6 Navi General rules apply to all PLAYERS:

  1. it is forbidden to build sentry weapons and LM directly on enemy bases (Warning / slay / ban 60min)
  2. It is forbidden to climb on the map or boxes or other very high places and shoot or just sit. (Warning / ban 60 min)
  3. It is forbidden to swear at any chat and / or insult players! Respect others the way you respect yourself. (Ban 5-60min)
  4. It is prohibited to use nicknames that contain profanity or insults in relation to religion, race or gender. (Warning-Kick / Ban 15-60min)
  5. It is forbidden to scream, allow music to use the microphone and other ways when playing. (Kick / Ban 5-60min)
  6. Advertising of any content or nature is prohibited. (ban 1week/perm)
  7. Forbidden to tell the remaining live players about the live location. (Warning/ ban 5-60min)
  8. It is forbidden to create your rules. (Warning/ ban 5-60min)
  9. evade ban ban (change IP location or reinstall game with new SteamId) (Ban time – likes active ban time)
  10. it is strictly forbidden to use any utilities and refuse to do WarGod scan. (Permanently ban)
  11. prohibits the use of server bugs / problems to your advantage (kick / Ban 5-60min)
  12. It is forbidden to use AWP and G3SG1 on small (dust 2×2-3×3 cs_max and other small maps) and it is forbidden to use on a big map when the player has only 5vs5 (kick / slay / ban 5-60min) 
  13. It is forbidden to team up with enemy team (kick / slay / ban 5-60min) 
  14. It is forbidden to use bhop, sgs + FPS commands that will give you an advantage (ban 4week / Perm)
  15. it is forbidden to have 1/2/3 letters in your name, you must have at least 5-6 letters (kick/ban 30min) General rules apply to all ADMINS:

  1. 1it is forbidden to kick, slay the player for nothing. (warning or Ban 1day-1week)
  2. You can’t change the map within 15 minutes of the start of the current map, but if players ask them to change maps, you can: (amx_vote “Change map?” “Yes” “No”) If players really want to, you can vote on the map after ordinary voting      (Ban 1day-1week)
  3. it is forbidden to vote for changing the map when there is 2-3 mins before the server’s automatic map vote. [warning] (Ban 1d-1week)
  4. It is forbidden to put offensive votes on players. For example: ‘is he a bot?’! (Warning) (1day-1week)
  5. for incorrect player ban. (Ban 1Day-1Week)
  6. it is forbidden to write any swear word in the ban reason, be sure to enter the exact reason for the ban, otherwise admin removal without warning. (Ban 1d-1week and possible loss of privilege)
  7. It is forbidden to ban for big PING or copied nicks, presence in AFK or any other reason not written in the rules. (Possible loss of rights) (Ban 1day-1week)
  8. admins need to communicate via admin chat. Discipline admin only through admin chat. “Write messages”, “everyone can see” (via @) or simple greetings by downloading, asking to withdraw ss, “reminding about C4 placement and host rescue”, “disciplining players” who don’t follow the rules (Ban 1h-1day)
  9. Admin must make the following commands amx_ss nickname or record name / nick for all suspicious server players or
    tell to player to do WarGod scan. 
  10. Every admin who makes ss  must be a spectate artist or dead before placing a ban admin, you must ask to offer ss to the forum or personal Skype, or Discord and not immediately put a ban. 
  11. Manipulating and breaking admin rules will not be tolerating and refund will not be provided. 
  12.  Violation of all rules and (player) will result in a penalty equal to the Admin rules violation (1day-1week)
  13. Admin must  help player  to make Wargod scan admin must provide all information if admin  will not provide he will be punished (1day-1week)
  14. Admin must  be in spectate and  have  the suspect  player  in spectate to  before asking  player  to do Wargod scan  if admin  wont  do that he will be punished (1day-1week) 
  15. Admin cannot have a nickname with only 1-3 letters. The admin nick must be understandable and clear (1day-1week) Forum Rules:

  • it is forbidden to swear or insult others, no matter where – in the topic or in private message.
  • it is forbidden to create inappropriate topics, plant / put nudity, racist insults.
  • double posting / SPAM is prohibited. If you don’t forget to write, log in with SS or DEMO, you must edit (modify) your first image.
  • It is forbidden to have a profile picture with any type of nudity.
  • it is forbidden to create proper / unnecessary votes, to spam the same issues.
  • It is forbidden to create offensive topics or polls, such as: “Is he a bot? – Yes No”
  • It is strictly forbidden to threaten others, all cases of threats will be stored and reported.
  • If the admin just doesn’t respond to your topic, don’t create new topics to pay attention to. Send him a PM or write on skype. You can find the administrator skype in the “Administration” section.
  • If a topic is locked, do not re-create it, topics are not locked for no reason. About responsibility, player warnings and support for the survival of servers!

Message to all ADMINS. It has become a habit that if a player breaks a rule, he is immediately being banned without any warning. I would like to point out that it is VERY IMPORTANT to warn the player at least once! If no warning has been given, the player has every right to report it as an illegal ban. If a player reports that he has not been warned about the consequences of misconduct before the ban, he can contact the forum and receive an unban, meanwhile you will receive a warning for rushing and treating the players poorly. ADMIN privileges are not intended to entertain or facilitate the game, they are privileges that, when purchased, you take responsibility for maintaining and protecting the server from potential negative players or cheaters. Admins help this server survive, but do not be one of those people who kills it because of their irresponsible actions. If you persistently violate the rules, use your privileges for your own enjoyment, we have every right to remove your ADMIN privileges (without refund). Ignorance of the rules does not release from liability. The administration reserves the right to change these rules at any time without notice to the players. Thank you for your understanding and we wish you a good and enjoyable game on the server.